Total Care

Give your body the natural Pro Biotic Powersupport it deserves

The right bacteria are essential to our diet

Our high quality natural, vegetable probiotics gives your body what it needs to stay strong.

Probiotics and yeasts are live bacteria, they are good for your health, especially for your digestive system.

According to professor Stig Benmark from University College London, is about 75 percent of the immune cells in the body around the stomach – gastrointestinalsystem.

Our guts contain trillions of living bacteria.
Recent research shows that they are crucial to our immune system and therefore to our health.

In fact, the immune system consists of an interaction between our cells and the ‘ good ‘ bacteria of our intestinal flora.

Gut bacteria form a collective metabolic activity that is reminiscent of a virtual organ within a another organ

〰 Professor Fergus Shanahan of National University Ireland.

A healthy gut provide more energy, better health and better performances.
Your guts are the home and the key to your immune system!
Healthy guts are therefore crucial for your health.*

So, that’s why it is so important to keep these microorganisms in the right balance!

Daily use
1 size cap (minimum 40 cc) a day
The right dose varies from person to person.
If desired, increase the dose.
Total Care is safe, even in high dosages

  • Daily use of Total Care is the best you can do for an optimum health.
  • Total Care will be delivered including a handy size cap.
  • Total Care fits perfect in a good lifestyle and can be taken at any time of the day.*
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists

Based on Seaweed

A Nutrient Superstar

All in all, seaweed is truly a powerhouse in terms of nutrition and health-promoting compounds. 
〰Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD



Total in Balance Through Natural Sciences

Total Care

Probiotic Power Based on Seaweed

We have found a key to empower a healthy life.

On a Daily Basis – When taken regularly, it also helps promote digestive and immune health so you feel better and more energized*.

Feel yourself better and more energized*

Keep your immune system healthy*

 Support your optimal digestive function*

 Suitable for Vegetarians  and Vegans

Encourage good health and general well-being*

Recommended by doctors and therapists

Total Care will be delivered including a handy size cap

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